Our Juice Cleanse Story 

Nature Pressed Juicery – NPJ- began with a few epicurean friends who are passionate about nature and science in a quest to be healthier and feel better.

We have tried many juice cleanses in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, recognizing the benefits in many different areas of our lives. We loved the immediate improvements such as higher energy and clearer mind. However, we also recognized that a one size fits all approach doesn’t recognize the many different body types and lifestyles out there, so juice cleanses should have the appropriate protein and caloric content for each person’s needs.

With backgrounds in Microbiology and Nutrition, we experimented and began customizing our juice cleanses for ourselves. So we decided to combine our love for science and nature to formulate a cold-pressed juice line that suits everyone’s lifestyle, needs and body type. 

Our Mission

To create and promote great-tasting, healthy, organic custom juice cleanses

Our Values

Formulated with purpose, personalized with science, made with love

Why Cleanse with Us?

Nature Pressed Juicery is Vancouver's 1st Custom Juice Cleanse company. All our cold-pressed juices and cleanses are 100% organic and proudly hand made in Port Coquitlam, BC. Each cold-pressed juice bottle is 500 ml and contain 2-3 lbs of raw fruits and vegetables.  Let us #findyourcolour with our custom juice cleanse.

 Meet our Core Juice Team:

 Michelle, Microbiologist at Nature Pressed Juicery

Health Care Professional

Role: Director, Formulation and Quality Assurance


 Jessica, Registered Dietitian at Nature Pressed Juicery

Registered Dietitian

Role: Director, Product Development and Nutrition

Jessica Wang graduated from the UBC Dietetics Program in 2012, and completed her internship with Vancouver Coastal Health.  Since then, she has specialized in nutrition education for children and adults, providing grocery store tours, field trips, individual consultations, workshops and cooking classes. In her practice, she provides practical recommendations to help clients incorporate healthy eating into their daily routines.  She is passionate about food and cooking, and enjoys sharing that enthusiasm with her clients!


 Vivian, Founder of Nature Pressed Juicery


Jonathon Karelse