Top 10 Tips For a Super Positive Juice Cleanse Experience

Top 10 Tips For a Super Positive Juice Cleanse Experience

So you have been curious about taking on a juice cleanse but never have really done one. Before you decide to venture into your very first juice cleanse, we are sure you have lots of questions on how best to prepare your mind and body for this challenge.  So don’t worry, we are here to help you!

First, it is important to know how long you will do it. If you’re a newbie to juice cleanse, we recommend starting with one of the below:

Our 1 and 2 Day Cleanse is a quick and simple way to give your body a reboot or to dip your toes into a juice cleanse. We've formulated the juices in these cleanses to provide you with plenty of nutrients so you will still feel energized. This is an ideal cleanse for people who are always on the go or someone who already lead a well-balanced diet and want to give their digestive system a break.

Our 3 Day Cleanse is the most popular one that clears out the junk food and unhealthy habits and gives you a clean slate to start. Every juice is made with raw and organic vegetables and fruits formulated to fuel you with essential fiber, nutrients and vitamins, while you focus on resetting your mind and body.

The best part of our juice cleanses is we can personalize your juice cleanse base on your body type and lifestyle so you can continue with your normal routine and active lifestyle.

Okay, now that you’ve selected your cleanse here are our top 10 tips to making your cleanse a super positive experience:

1. Time wisely
We always encourage to do a juice cleanse over a weekend when you’re able to relax at home and not overwork yourself. This is the time where you can take some time for yourself and declutter. But we also see many people prefer to do it on Monday as it is the first day of the week to start a new habit. In that case, it would be a good ideal to take Sunday to get yourself ready. A little self-care goes a long way.

2. Have healthy foods on hand
Once you’ve cleared your kitchen of temptations, re-stock it with plenty of healthy options. Go out for a pleasant stroll to pick up a variety of colourful fresh fruits and vegetables and plant-based proteins. Think “single-ingredient foods”. For those sugar lovers, keep naturally sweet foods around, like fresh fruits, dates, figs, banana or apple chips, and dark chocolate. For the salt fiends, try pickled vegetables, seaweed, and salted popcorn.

3. Hydrate
Aim to have at least 2L of water each day – still or sparkling water, and decaffeinated herbal tea are the best options.

4. Bump up your fruits and vegetables prior your cleanse
Add 1 additional serving of fruits and vegetables to your day (1 serving is typically about 1 cup). Aim to have a variety of fruits and vegetables, which means that you should be consuming at least one from all 5 colours daily: red, green, orange/yellow, blue/purple, and white.

5. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body
The process of cleansing can be a bit of a challenge. A little moodiness and mild headaches are normal as you are cutting out sugar intake during your cleanse. You will need to stay mentally strong to conquer your old habit or grab a buddy to do a juice cleanse so you can share your experience and motivate each other. If you do need a small break from the cleanse feel free to snack on raw fruits and vegetables . We find the best combination is to have few sticks of carrots/celery, an apple and banana.

6. Take a ritual bath
Bathing is an easy way to gift yourself to a blissful time out. Treat yourself to an Epsom salt bath with a few drops of essential oils – lavender is my favourite for soothing and calming. Sit back, read a book or listen to your favorite podcast and simply enjoy!

7. Clear out the junk food in your kitchen
Not only will this remove the temptation to munch but also help you to stay on track after your juice cleanse. We strongly recommend getting rid of any processed foods, and refined sugar products and replace with some healthy raw vegetables and fruits. We promise this clean up will pay off later and encourage you to do this monthly.

8. Continue your exercise but moderately
We still recommend to continue with your exercise everyday. We firmly believe you should still stay active even during a juice cleanse. You might feel a bit tired during your workout so listen to your body and dial down the time and intensity if needed. A deep stretch yoga and short walks around the neighborhood are the ideal way to get the blood moving.

9. Meditate
We live in a fast paced world and constantly bombarded with messages or news from everywhere. It is so important that you take time everyday to listen to your thoughts and refocus your awareness. Each morning or evening, spend about 10-15 minutes in meditation to calm your mind and sense of inner peace. Meditation can also improve your overall well-being, reduce anxiety and stress.

10. Last but not least, my ultimate top tip: Journal your experience
Journaling your experience helps you to reflect on the past, present, and future. Take advantage of this cleanse period to think about the “why” behind your cravings. What kind of hunger do you experience before you indulge in your vices? Is it stomach (you’ve waited too long to eat and your stomach is growling), mouth (you crave the pleasure of food – taste, texture or smell), or heart (you’re eating in response to emotion or mental state)?

Overall, we hope you have an awesome experience and are here for you if you have any questions regarding your cleanse!

- Jessica, RD

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