Give your Body a ‘Power Kick’ with Herbs!

Give your Body a ‘Power Kick’ with Herbs!

Culinary herbs – like mint, cilantro, rosemary, and basil – are a great way to add flavor and excitement to dishes (and even water!), without adding any salt, sugar, or extra calories.

Dried vs. Fresh?  Dried herbs are best added to dishes that require a long cooking time, and should be added during the cooking process.  Think of soups, stews, casseroles, and braised chicken.  Fresh herbs are best left uncooked, and should be added at the end to finish a dish.  Think of salads, sprinkled on top of a pizza, as garnish in a soup, sauces, salad dressing and marinades.  As a rule of thumb when substituting dried for fresh, or vice versa, use 3x the amount of fresh herb for the amount dried (eg. 1 tsp. dried = 3 tsp. fresh).

Not only do herbs add a flavor kick, but they also add a nutritional punch to your dish.  I try to incorporate organic herbs daily, in foods and hydration.  Raspberry & mint infused water is one of my favourite combinations!  If it’s not infused water, then I’ll have NPJ’s Powerkick cold-pressed juice which includes 3 different  raw and organic herbs:

Mint – May help food pass through the stomach quicker, which can improve digestive problems such as indigestion [1].  Also leaves your breath minty fresh for you to power through your day!

Cilantro – More human studies are needed for cilantro.  Currently, test tube and animal studies show that cilantro may have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties [2] [3].  Regardless, it’s a versatile and refreshing herb to have!

Ginger – Contains the active compound gingerol, which has anti-inflammatory properties [4] [5].

- Jessica, RD

Power Kick

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